SPY Universal Bluetooth One-way PKE Auto Security Car Alarm System

At SPY Auto Security, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest, most sophisticated passive keyless entry (PKE system) solutions using smartphone Bluetooth technology. SPY one-way car alarm system technology is a first of its kind that allows you to securely lock, unlock, start, and operate your car in various ways using just your smartphone.


If you have ever used remote keyless entry (RKE) car fobs in the past, you will be familiar with how limited in operation they are. With this new technology, you experience maximum convenience, personalization options, and the latest car security options.

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About SPY Car Alarms’ Bluetooth One-Way PKE Remote Control System

This latest keyless entry technology is our SPY car alarm system based on smartphone Bluetooth technology. A control box installed in your vehicle communicates with a control app on your Android or iOS smartphone. According to the different Bluetooth module, SPY one- way car alarm allows you to issue various commands to your car from a range of 3-50 meters.


This convenient technology is universal, meaning that it can be installed out of the box in all vehicle models including Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, Honda, Jeep, Chevrolet, among many others.


This versatile solution is one-way, which means that only one device - your mobile phone - needs to communicate to issue commands to your car. This system is packed full of new and exciting features, including the following.

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Features of the SPY One-Way Bluetooth Car Alarm System

With your smartphone, you can configure your car to unlock automatically whenever you are within range. This is called passive keyless entry, where you don’t even need to issue the unlock command.


If you prefer to tap onto the unlock button on the app, you simply configure RKE or remote keyless entry. In both scenarios, you can lock or unlock your car within 50 meters (Bluetooth range) and receive confirmation of the action.