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Smartphone APP PKE Keyless Entry Remote Control 1-Way Car Alarm System Push Button Start Remote Start Starter DC12V

-Model: LC095-836
-Application for all car models. Universal for Honda /Nissan /Chevy/Mercedes Benz/Jeep Cherokee, you can enter the car by phone.
-Easy installation. Our app car control system is compatible with Android and IOS phone system, ideal for all kinds of smartphone.
-Lock/Unlock the car by bluetooth, control the car by mobile phone automatically. (Use APP)
-Mobile phone PKE passive keyless entry remote start for car .
  •  Bluetooth PKE Car Alarm System

    Unlock when approach to the car 0-5m, lock when leaving the car within 15m. 

    Lock/Unlock the car by shaking phone, the distance can reach more than 15m.

    When press LOCK button once, siren chirps once, central door locking system would lock automatically, window lift signal output 20 seconds, the microwave sensor power will be on, LED indicator will gleam, and the system will enter into arm status after 3 seconds automatically.

    When in arm status, press the UNLOCK button once, the siren will chirp twice, the flashlight will gleam twice, the central door locking system would unlock, LED indicator will be off. The system will exit the arm starts.

    In arm status, If the shock sensor is triggered the first time, the siren will chirp 5 times, the flash light will gleam at the same time. If it is triggered again within 15 seconds, the siren will chirp loudly for 30 seconds and flash light will flash at the same time, the vehicle will be unable to start. The alarm system will return to the previous status after the alarm.

    Main feature:

    1. PKE alarm system

    2. Auto-lock car door while driving

    3. Auto-unlock car door while ACC OFF

    4. PKE/RKE mode switch

    5. Remote control weak power reminding

    6. Door closed improperly alarming

    7. Anti-copying remote control

    8. One push button engine start without car key

    9. Automatic rolling up window while closing door

    10. Remote trunk release

    11. Anti-hijacking

    12. Sensor/Pin switch auto-detecting

    13. Remote engine start

    14. Emergency disarm

    15. In PKE mode, manually touch push button or automatically induct arm is optional

    16. Manually control  central door lock

    17. Rearm (Anti-faulty disarm)

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