What is the PKE Keyless Car Entry System?

PKE, or Passive Key Entry, is the type of keyless entry system that uses a wireless scanning device. This means that instead of using a traditional key to open your car's door, you have to have this scanner on hand and simply point it at the car. PKE systems are common in areas where there is a high risk for vehicle theft as well as for companies who need to keep track of their fleets.

If you're interested in using PKE but don't know how it works, or have questions about its safety issues, then take a look at this post! We'll cover everything from what these systems do and how they work all the way up through their pros and cons.

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What is PKE?

Passive Key Entry is a type of keyless entry system that uses a wireless scanner. The scanner can be installed in the car or it can be carried by the user. It's used to unlock doors and start the vehicle, but is not able to open the door all by itself once inside the car. This means PKE systems are best used in situations where there is risk of theft, such as at companies and institutions, or in areas with high crime rates.

Why To Use PKE?

While using a traditional key is convenient, it leaves you vulnerable to key-snatchers who may grab your keys off your keychain on a daily basis. PKE remedies this issue by taking out the key entirely and replacing it with a scanner. This keeps your keys attached to your person at all times, so even if someone does manage to grab them off your keychain, you won't be left without the ability to get into your car.

Place these devices in company cars and they'll be able to track their usage while preventing theft at the same time. Because the scanner is wireless, it's easy for companies to put it on a fob or keychain that employees can carry around in their pocket. This allows them to simply scan their car when they want to use it, eliminating the need for physical keys altogether.

How a PKE Keyless Entry System Works?

A PKE keyless entry system typically uses a wireless encryption device, which connects to the car's keyhole and is then used to unlock the car. Because a PKE has no keys on its own, it can't start the vehicle. This means you'll have to wait for someone else to use it to unlock your door. If you're in a high-risk area or at a company where this poses a problem, then you might decide that this is worth it for you.

PKE Keyless Car Entry System: Pros and Cons


Portable - because these systems don't contain any internal keys and their only purpose is accessing the vehicle, they're super easy to handle when traveling. This makes them great for people who travel a lot or for car owners who have to keep track of multiple vehicles.


Because PKE systems use wireless encryption, they can be hacked fairly easily. It's possible that someone could make their own device that's close enough in frequency to yours to make it work, giving them access to your vehicle. Therefore, you need to keep your keys and the device locked up when you're not using it so no one can steal either.

Note: PKE Keyless Entry System by SPY Car Alarm uses the most secured system and does not compromise on security of its users. It uses the smartphone APP to connect with your car via Bluetooth and provide a more secure environment.

Best PKE Keyless Car Entry System

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PKE Keyless Car Entry System is an ideal way to prevent vehicle theft, especially in situations where you're concerned about people grabbing your keys off your keychain and driving off with your car. The best way of using a PKE system is by keeping the scanner in your pocket or you can simply install an app on your smartphone if the system comes with it. So that you can just scan the car each time you want to use it or use the APP to interact with your car remotely. This will speed up the process and give you access each and every time.

And, PKE Keyless Entry System by SPYCarAlarm has all the right qualities of a PKE system that everyone has been looking for.