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12V One-way car alarm system

Model No. LC209
- Univeral mode for many kinds of car of 12V supply
- Full function, meet different market requirement
- Remote range up to 100m
- In sotck,ready to shippment for urgently order
-OEM and ODM accept

  • 12V One way car alarm system with the functions of remote arming/disarming, trunk releasing, car find, emergency override and etc. functions, which make it easy to easy to protect your vehicle from thieves and vandals, and operate conveniently.



    ·       Arm/Alert

    ·       Siren pause

    ·       Ultrasonic sensor (Optional)

    ·       Start engine negative signal

    ·       Trigger identify function(Shock sensor)

    ·       Automatic central locking(Programmable)

    ·       Anti hijacking

    ·       Locating

    ·       Rearm

    ·       LED status indicator

    ·       Shock sensor and microwave sensor detecting(Optional)

    ·       Engine immobilized

    ·       Intruding reminding

    ·       Overtake

    ·       Dome light delay

    ·       Power off memory

    ·       Shock sensor bypass

    ·       Emergency disarm

    ·       Engine hood detecting

    ·       Door unclosed well warning(Programmable)

    ·       Electrical/Pneumatic locking

    ·       Trunk negative/Positive program


    SPY 12V One-way car alarm system data detals


One-stop Sourcing. Competitive Price. Short Lead Time. OEM/ODM Service. Contact Us.

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