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SPY 2020 New Bluetooth Car Alarm System

-Model: LC209+APP
-Easily download APP for Android or iOS system
-Lock/Unlock by shaking the phone, no need remote
-Prevent illegal ignition
-Intruding warning
-Arm automatically after engine cutting off 25s
    1. Updated one way car alarm controls vehicle via transmitter or APP on smartphone.

    2. Easily download APP for Android or iOS system. 

    3. Shaking smartphone to lock and unlock vehicle automatically.

    4. Revisable authorization code allows car owner to authorize others to control vehicle by APP. 

    5. Bluetooth control range more than 15m.

    Feature of Bluetooth Car Alarm System.jpg

    car alarm system characteristic.jpg

    Auto-arm car alarm.jpg

    Prevent illegal ignition - feature of car

    side door triggering alarm.jpg

    Intruding warning.jpg

    Remote Trunk Release.jpg

    Finding Car & Auto lock.jpg

    Shake phone to lock & unlock with car alarm

    products picture of car alarm system.jpg

One-stop Sourcing. Competitive Price. Short Lead Time. OEM/ODM Service. Contact Us.

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