SPY Two-Way Car Alarm System

Remote car security just got better with the SPY two-way car alarm system. As China’s top car alarm manufacturers, the development team at SPY car alarms is always evolving and innovating new ways to improve car security for you.


Now, with our 2-way car alarm system complete with a big and clear LCD screen, you can monitor your car’s status in real-time from as far as 2,000 meters/6561ft/1.2 miles away.


A two-way car alarm system is one in which devices both transmit and receive signals so that they can actively “talk” to each other. Thus, a two-way car security system such as ours involves two devices equipped with transponders so that they can send signals back and forth.


What’s the Difference Between a One-Way and Two-Way Car Alarm System?

In a traditional one-way car alarm, the key fob only has a transmitter inside to send signals to a receiver in your car. Thus, communication travels only one way where one device sends instructions, and the other one receives them.


SPY two-way car alarm system has both a transmitter and receiver (transponder) in the key fob and control module installed in the car. That means both can transmit and receive data and commands, or carry out two-way communication.


Two-way car alarm systems are a big improvement on the one-way system because in addition to getting real-time alerts about the status of your, they typically also have a much longer range. In this case, you can view your car’s status remotely from up to 1.86 miles/3kilometres away.

2-Way Car Alarm System with Color LCD Screen

Our unique system is even better because the key fob has a large LCD screen measuring 23mm x 38mm on which you can see a graphic representation of your car’s security status, send a wide array of commands,


This device is also called a 2-way pager because once you send commands to your car, it can acknowledge through either beeping sounds, flashing LED lights, or a graphic display on the screen.


The 2-way alarm system has many sophisticated features for top-notch security and convenience, including the following.

1. Big, clear LCD.

The biggest advantage of our 2-way car alarm system is the key fob with a large coloured display which makes controlling the car security system much more convenient and versatile.


The display measuring 23mm x 38mm is easy to carry around while allowing instant and accurate feedback. The transponder inside allows it to receive real-time updates from the control module in the car and display so that you can find out whether the car is locked or not, the temperature inside the car, whether the engine is running, among many others.

2. Long-range transmission

Get real-time updates and alerts from your car to your key fob and view them on the colour LCD screen. Thanks to the 2-way communication loop, you can stay assured that your car is locked and receive acknowledgements for any command you send.

3. Auto arm

The spy way car alarm system with auto arm function, it means when you disarm the car by faults or you forget to lock the car after get off, the system will be in arm automatically, in order to avoid intruding car. and the auto arm function is optional, auto arm with lock and without lock available

4. Remote engine start

Many times, it is nice to start the engine early and let it idle so that both it and the car can warm up. In very cold weather, it allows you to de-ice your windscreen and warm up the interior in readiness for the drive.


In hot climates, the car might be very hot inside from staying in the sun. in this case, you can start the air conditioning before you arrive in the car to make it nice and cool. Even better, by letting your engine idle for a few minutes before driving off, you can prevent up to 30% of engine drivetrain damage usually caused by cold starting.


Our 2-way car alarm system has been tested to temperatures of -40C- 80C, meaning they can work in all common weather conditions.

5. Shock sensor warning system

The most important role of our 2-way SPY car alarm system is to monitor your car’s security, which is why it also comes with a shock sensor warning system that lets you know in case an intruder tries to force entry into your car.


You can program your car’s response to flash the lights, sound a loud alarm, send notifications to the police, and give you real-time updates. Alternatively, you can also have a mute alarm response with updates to help you catch the criminals.


Our advanced system even lets you tell precisely which part of the vehicle the thief is trying to break in. If they are trying to steal the vehicle, you can disable the engine remotely to stop them from driving away.

6. Open your car’s trunk remotely.

Instead of having to unlock the whole car when loading or unloading something from your car’s trunk, you can pop the trunk open with the push of one button. This feature is incredibly convenient and safe and allows you to open and lock the trunk remotely without even having to use the keys.

7. Find your car easily when in Panic Mode.

In crowded garages and parking lots, it is easy to forget where you parked your car. Thankfully, the SPY 2-way car alarm system allows you to find your car easily. Through pressing the button, you can trigger the horn, flashing parking lights, and other signals at intervals until you find your car.