Two-way Blueteeth LCD Car Alarm


SPY two way LCD car alarm is the best security system in the industry of China. Its large size of LCD appearances graceful. So it's easily readable the feedback of vehicle condition. FSK technology is adopted by the device which can help to control long-range monitoring. The Remote start engine function permits the car holder to cool or warm the car remotely. The engine life-span can be extended by Turbo timer mode.


What does a two-way remote start mean?

Unexpectedly the two-way remote start system does't just send an instruction to the remote start however as well as if the command was successful it transmits a confirmation message from the remote starter to the control.

The two-way remote start system comes to be more useful when the user desires to comfortably warm up their car from the home.

However, the two-way LCD system is similar to the two-way LED system which can confirm instructions sent from the remote controller.


Also, most of the two-way LCD systems offer extra information, for example, run time, door lock status, vehicle temperature, and significantly much more.

Similarly, other two-way LCD systems will also give the user with extra info about the safety of their car.

For example, if the security system has built-in the two-way LCD remote start system so the user will get messages such as alerts when the car alarm has been activated.

2-Way Remote Starter Systems

The main benefit of two-way systems is knowing without a doubt that your vehicle has executed the specified request. The remote control can communicate with the vehicle and the vehicle communicates back to the remote control that why it is called a “2-way system”.

Remote unlocking function

Presently you may be thinking that “Why do I care?” If you've not ever used a remote starter you may think that you will use this device in the morning when their cold temperature outdoor, and you would be right. You will be hooked once you go out to that warm vehicle one time. You won't have any desire to go out to a cool vehicle once more. You won't ever need to scratch your windows once more. Consider wherever the vehicle sits through the span of a normal week for any period when you out to eat, at the supermarket, the shopping center, church; and so on. On every one of those occasions, you won't be in sight of your vehicle. Furthermore, you need to realize that it began, isn't that so?

The beauty of a two-way system is that you simply press the start button on your remote, and you will receive an immediate response which allows the user to know it gets the command. After 5 to 10 seconds of starting, you receive a confirmation that it is running, de-icing your windows, and heating your vehicle. Even though Midlothian doesn't have winters similar to those in places like Michigan, it gets cold here, and for more than hundreds of years we have owned and used this technology in our vehicles.

Main Feature

•       Arm/disarm/silent arm

•       Car finding

•       Transmitter power on/off setting

•       Remote trunk release

•       Anti-hijacking

•       Door opening flashing

•       Shock sensor

•       LED indicator

•       Door intruding alarming

•       ACC on triggered

•       Emergency alarm

•       Dome light delay

•       Siren pause

•       Emergency disarm

•       Trigger memory

•       Arm reminding and auto arm

•       Central door locking automation

•       Remote engine start/cut off

•       Timer engine start

•       Car interior temperature display

•       Arm responding automation (anti-false disarm)

•       Door locking reminding

•       Electrical/pneumatic central locking (default is electrical lock)

Packing information

•       Brain x 1

•       Remote control x 2

•       Siren x 1

•       Relay x1

•       Alarm antenna x1

•       LED indicator x 1

•       Wire harness x 3

•       USB charger x1

•       Shock sensor x1

•       English user manual and installation guide x 1



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