SPY central door locking system

In the past, car owners had difficult times getting family or friends in the car. This became harder when you had a relative living with a disability. A person had to unlock the front door first, followed by the back doors and the boot compartment to put luggage. Spy car alarm knows what is best to smoothen such tasks.


What is the central door locking system?

Central door locking is a system that allows the front passenger or driver to unlock all doors at the same time by pressing a button.  It locks all the doors when you lock the driver's door. In addition to that, it lifts windows, blocks the fuel cap, trunk compartment, and engine.

Features of the central door locking system

The locking system consists of:

· Door lock: Vehicles have a latching mechanism installed directly on the doors. The central locking is controlled by an electric motor and a latch. This allows locking and unlocking the door.

· Keys: Keys have the key bow, toothed key blade, and milled. It performs functions like locking and unlocking boots, doors, and gas caps. It also controls window lifters, alarm systems, interior lighting, and electronic immobilizer.

· Door handle: Individuals used to open car from inside and close from the outside. Modern cars have included a door lock inside the door handle.

· Steering lock: A steering lock is a metal that keeps the steering wheel firm and prevents it from moving. This physical barrier creates protection and prevents theft.

· Start and stop system: People used keys to unlock the steering lock as well as the start engine. Nowadays, vehicles can use the keyless system to start engines. Keyless systems have transmitters with a central locking controller. It is put into the vehicle's reader to ignite the car engine by pressing a button.

· Gas filler cap: The fuel filler cap seal the gas tank and protects it from dirt. The central locking system locks gas filler caps automatically.

· Remote: Remote controllers have replaced keys. Physical contact is no longer needed to perform an activity. Remotes have transmitters that send signals to a receiver in the car. This controls various functions. Besides that, remotes help in identifying a car in a park via blinking lights.

· Transponder: A transponder or transmitter responder is a device that gives feedback after getting a radio frequency. It is housed by a key bow.  As a result, it identifies that the key used is correct. This enables to start of the engine after the code is read.

Why do you need a central locking system for your car?

· Convenient to use: Central door locking allows doors to unlock automatically during dangers such as accidents. The passive safety systems send signals to the main control unit. For this reason, a person is able to get out of the car fast. To add to that, you can program functions on time. For instance, you can reset the doors to lock automatically at a certain speed.

· Saves time: Before the system, car owners had to close doors, windows, and gas caps separately. This can make someone forget about something; thus, the vehicle is easily accessible to strangers. On top of that, the car can unlock itself automatically, seeing that it detects keys in handbags and pockets.

· Peace of mind: This reason is connected to safety. When the vehicle is not safe, you will not have peace of mind. The locking system blocks windows, door, gas cap, and turns on the alarm by pressing a button.

· Increase security: Not all modern systems provide enough security. However, central locking guarantees safety in vehicles. It ensures everything that can be penetrated by thieves is closed. This includes windows and doors.  You do not have to walk around to ensure everything is well. Lastly, the locking system only allows authorized persons to access the car.

· Protects the environment: Gas caps with locks protect the environment by keeping fuel in the compartment. In addition to that, the fuel cap has valve systems that lower evaporation.

Final thoughts

Are you looking for a central door locking? Spy Car Alarm has simple and modern locking systems. You press the button and put everything in order. Be careful not to let kids play around with car items.