SPY smart mirror DVR system


Spy, found in 1994, is a manufacturer and supplier of the vehicle alarm system and some other technical car equipment. SPY is the best-known corporation globally for the manufacturing of cars related parts, including alarm systems.

 SPY car alarm system is ideal with all car styles. For years SPY manufactures automotive alarm systems, and you can purchase and repair any of their vehicle alarms. The automotive alarm will be activated once it is mounted and when someone attempts to get into the car or starts it in the wrong direction. You must turn off the alarm by using a car key or remotely. 

Smart Mirror DVR System

What is the SPY smart mirror DVR system?

SPY smart mirror DVR system is the system that has an integrated monitor in the interior rear-view mirror design, as implemented by a spy company. The system displays and transmits images from the camera positioned in the front and at the vehicle's back according to the driver's needs. SPY smart mirror DVR system adds value to the traditional mirror, improving the driving experience, and increases safety and ride safety.

The camera integrated into the intelligent mirror is automated and provides a high-resolution image. This system also has a Panasonic LCD panel housed in the conventional interior mirror structure, capable of serving as a mirror or a monitor that communicates clear images from both the camera.

Smart Mirror DVR System appearance

What are the functional characteristics of the spy smart mirror DVR system of a car?

SPY smart mirror DVR system is a car system that has a 10-inch screen and a full touch display capacity providing a view sleek for the driver while eliminating all of his trouble. It uses a velutinous display for the front and rear screen.

You can also slide on the right or left to view each side. It also comes with a front camera that can be extended out and adjusted freely and a rear camera that is waterproof and guarded against dust and harsh weather conditions. You can rotate the front camera and set your road viewing to crystal clear definitions. When parking, one can set the monitoring function to record the video when it detects the effect.

 The spy smart mirror DVR system also comes with a G-sensor that locks the video when the collision is detected. The loop recording ability can also overwrite the existing video if the storage capacity is full.



What are the applications of the spy smart mirror DVR system?

SPY smart mirror DVR  systems are becoming more complex, and new rules are underway. Any new car can eventually be fitted with a camera system for improved visibility and protection. Rear-view cameras and other peripheral camera systems for automobiles have commonly been seen as helpful strategies for achieving vehicle safety.

It's just incredible when the sky is clear, and there's no obstacle in the vehicles behind. When a little extra help is required, the driver can enable the Smart Mirror. The standard view of the mirror changes to the LCD within the mirror casing. A high-resolution camera is mounted on the vehicle's rear window, which provides the driver an uninterrupted view of what would be behind and what is in the imperfections.


Spy smart mirror DVR  system has proven to be the right and most effective system for the driver's security and other people on board. Why risk your car when parked for not having the spy smart mirror DVR system installed? Why risk causing an accident and other road-related problems while trying to view what's at the back when you can do that comfortably with the spy smart mirror DVR system? we are here for you and just a call away. Always reach out to us for a safe and secure drive and parking.