SPY car alarm system And SPY Motorcycle Alarm system

Introduction of SPY Two-way Motorcycle alarm system

Motorbikes are reasonably easy to steal, and robbers have adapted to new obstacles that many bike locks pose. Do not fail to use a variety of techniques to protect your bike. Note, the longer it will take for the wheels to fly, the less likely the robber might even dream of robbing it.

We, therefore, suggest that if you get the SPY Two-way Motorcycle alarm system, the most acceptable alarm on your bike.  But choosing the correct bike alarm for the competition is not straightforward, particularly when you have many manufacturers that you could choose from.

Spy is a company you can rely on, as it created the first motorbike alarm at the beginning of 1994 and has many years of OEM/ODM expertise for motorbike alarm system manufacturers.

This device has detectors to sense movement and vibrations. Most of them will warn you right away that somebody is getting close to the bike.

The alert is yet another clear warning. Typically are equal to 120 dB and have an audible alarm. This, coupled with a blinking light, would undoubtedly threaten everyone, including you if you fail to disconnect before riding your motorcycle.


What is the Two-way car Alarm Mean?

A two-way alarm is an alarm that allows users to send a command to the motorbike and also let the bike to send one straight to you. This implies that a one-way system is only suitable for lock/unlock/trunk/lower windows. If there is indeed an issue, a two-way device can send out a message to your remote.

This ensures that all warning systems will coordinate with one another. They will obtain the data and transmitting the information to one another. One would execute machine arm/disarm with two-way communications technologies, configure system features, and get system performance, real-time alarm detail, arm, disarm scenarios via two-way wireless keyboard and remote control.

Two-way communication sensors allow real-time interaction between the warning host and the sensors. It enhances low-battery sensor reporting, loss of sensor, alarm scanner fault, and monitoring of service centres or private landlords by phone.

Its communication significantly increases the precision and reliability of the activity of the alarm protection system.

The two-way Motorcycle alarm system integrates versatility with pro theft technology in one device: Small waterproof ECU, which keeps things simple to mount; besides these, are useful features such as

1. A monitoring distance of approximately 100 meters and a remote stretch of 500 meters

2. An impressive and unique protection design

3. Two new remodelled slim line remotes with chrome edges

4. Reduced fixing time from 90 minutes to 60 minutes for the average fitters

5. Randomly coded remotes that prevent possible duplication

6. Simple operation for full automatic immobilization in case the alarm is triggered

7. Fully compatible with over 95% of the motorbikes without cutting a single wire in half, eliminating the potential risk related to warranty issues

8. Applicable to alternate and direct current

9. All connector included to have you up and to run faster

Application of SPY Two-way Motorcycle Alarm System

A two-way motorcycle alarm system can be applied in the following:

1.Shock warming

2.Alarm reminding

3.Cutting off the remote engine

4.Ant false disarm

5.Motorcycle locating

6.24 hours of bike monitoring

7.Power-off memory

8.Power status indicator

9.Time alarm setting

10.Signal indicator

11.Adjusting the transmitter vibration sensitivity

12.Anti hijacking

13.Pausing of the siren

14.Remote engine start

15.Remote engine cut off.


The two-way system does not include the 3A remote control in the package when you buy. But you can quickly get it from your locality from the local store, and it's very affordable.

You are recommended to install it with the help of a professional to avoid inconvenience related to installation.

This system's normal functioning range can be affected by the weather conditions, nearby radio stations, and structures near the motorbike.