Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 2 External Sensors

Motorcycle SPY TPMS is an essential piece of accessory on your motorcycle. Whether long or short, TPMS will keep monitoring your tire while riding and help you make sure that you always have the right temperature and pressure in your tires. Correct tire pressure will ensure both safety and best performance of your motorcycle while riding.


The features of motorcycle waterproof tire pressure monitoring system

Unlike a car, owning a motorcycle must monitor the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Here are some of the features of motorcycle waterproof tire pressure monitoring system with 2 External

· Has own special waterproof design meant for the motorcycle?

· Has a monitoring clock for indicating time.

· Connects to the motorcycle battery.

· Real-time display of accurate tire pressure and temperature data of the motorcycle wheels.

· Has optional PSI, BAR two kinds of pressure units. 

· Has a sensor that has a separate ID code. These sensors have been completed before delivery and can be used directly after installation.

· Alerts for abnormal temperature and tire pressure besides quick and slow leakage.

The motorcycle waterproof tire pressure monitoring system has other features on the workability. It has

· Sensor detecting range of 0bar-3.5bar/0psi-50.7psi.

· Default alarm setting for high pressure 3.0bar/43.5psi and low pressure 2.0bar/29psi.

· Display working voltage 5V ± 0.5V.

· External sensor working voltage CR1632 Battery 3.0V.

Application of TPMS

TPMS is used on a mostly 2-wheel motorcycle. Its applications are: -

· Slow leak warning.

· Alerting for abnormal tire pressure. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System also TPMS has a pressure monitoring sensor within the two tries to monitor specific pressure levels.

· Alerts for abnormal temperature. It lets the driver get real-time temperature status and data giving them a warning message if the temperature is abnormal.

Why choose SPY TPMS

These are the reason to choose SPY TPMS: 

· To prevent motorcycle tire blow. By using TPMS on a motorcycle, can be able to maintain reasonable tire pressure. It can reduce the possibility of blowing the tire due to high tire pressure than the standard value. With that, it prevents the possibility of malfunction or even traffic accidents.

· To save fuel. When a motorcycle has an abnormal tire pressure, then it makes the motorcycle to have an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, using SPY TPMS will give the real-time monitoring of tire pressure, and so it reduces fuel consumption effectively and saves money.

· To reduce tire friction. With an abnormal tire pressure, the tires are exposed to excessive tire wear due to friction. With SPY TPMS, it will give real-time monitoring of tire pressure. When the pressure is standard, it can effectively extend the life of the tire and indirectly save cost.

· To maintain the condition of your vehicle. When you have real-time monitoring of tire conditions, it can save on maintenance costs. It is because the abnormal tires can affect vehicle handling and increase the costs of maintenance and use.

· To get correct air leakage prediction. When there is slow air leakage, there is a possibility of tire blow out. Therefore, SPY TPMS will monitor the tire pressure in time. Besides, it will alarm the driver and avoid driving the vehicle with a problem once the tire has such a problem.

· It helps in the relevant regulation. With SPY TPMS, the tire pressure data is updated every six seconds, and the driver will get informed immediately when the tire pressure is abnormal.  When the pressure is not standard, the SPY TPMS will sound an alarm. There will be no problems with inaccurate data and untimely data.


Choosing Spy TPMS is a great choice as it has important features that you need. Let the spy company be your first choice!