LFF held the 2020 annual party on 17th of January.


LFF held the 2020 annual party on 17th of January. The event begins with music, the sound of drums, dances, people’s cheers and applauses, host by our favorite MC - Xiang manager. First, president Ou delivers a speech, and general manager Peng summarizes 2019 and introduces plans for 2020.  Next comes the award for excellent employees in 2019, which encourages them to make continuous efforts for more significant contributions to the company. Then came the awards for the employees who have worked hard in the company for more than ten years. They have not only awarded with the certificate of honor, but also awarded with valuable gold souvenirs. Next came the award of the best performance person in each of the departments in 2019.  The department managers follow the president Ou to come to the stage and make a toast to everyone in the event, looking forward to produce even more brilliant result together in the year of mouse! After the award photographies, the evening dinner officially begins. The lottery draw of 2nd and 3rd prizes has made the event more exciting. Everyone is looking forward to the finer first price and special price. At the same time, peoples who didn’t get the lottery prizes were eager to see how lucky they were. After a brief warm-up, the lottery began again. The first prize and the special prize were drawn out among the nervous cheers. Then there was another round of Wechat red packet snatching activity, and the red packet rain pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to the climax. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. The one hundred and two “Qinguan” pass belongs to Chu. If you are diligent, you will never be defeated. If you live on hardships, you will be able to swallow Wu by 3000 Yue soldier. We hope LFF achieve a more brilliant result in 2020!