Classic universal remote-control Keyless Entry-2021 SPY Car Alarm

Frustrated about searching for keys? Maybe they tucked themselves away in the darkest and deepest corners of handbags and rucksacks. Then a Classic universal remote-control keyless entry is what you need.

It eradicates the need for a physical key to unlock your car doors. It is a smart system that can solve all of these problems, with it will automatically lock or unlock the car door when you walk away or approach the vehicle in 3-6feet/ 1-3 meters with the key fob. No more balancing shopping and juggling for the key to unlock your car.

The introduction of SPY keyless entry system & how does keyless entry work

SPY keyless entry system is a smart system that will unlock or lock your door car automatically. When you walk away from or approach your vehicle with the key fob in 3-6 feet/1-3meters, you can unlock or lock your car door. It gives you that freedom from juggling the key into the lock.

The keyless Entry works thanks to the keyless fobs. The keyless fobs have identity chips listening to radio signals that are broadcast by their car. The radio signals can only travel typically short distances less than five meters.

It sends out a short radio signal by pressing the button on the keyless entry fob to unlock or lock the car.  If the fob is in range, sending out its code, it triggers the car to respond. The car recognizes these signals and unlocks or locks the doors.

The classic universal remote-control keyless Entry does not automatically switch off the engine. It is made like this to ensure that you are not suddenly stranded in the middle of your battery's motorway dies.

Besides, there is also a serious concern about the security of the keyless entry systems.  It is about some ways that thieves might be able to breach this system.

You are recommended to equip yourself with a steering wheel lock as a second line of defence against thieves who might be able to overcome keyless security.

PKE - Passive keyless entry

The Main function of SPY remote control Keyless Entry

The keyless entry system operates a little differently from one another. The SPY remote control keyless entry has several functions. The main functions of SPY remote control keyless Entry are: -

·        Automatic door lock

·        Remote Control Door unlock/ lock.

·        Pneumatic and Electronic Lock

·        Keyless Entry

·        Remote Trunk Release (+/- optional)

·        Power Window output

·        Jumper option for electric or pneumatic central lock

·        Flash Light output

·        Remote trunk release

·        Code Learning

·        Direction Light Flash Confirmation

Application of SPY remote control Keyless Entry

The kind of tech for Control keyless Entry is becoming increasingly common on cars of different shapes, prices and sizes. So, if you are looking for the next step in convenience, SPY remote control keyless Entry will be right up your streets. Its applications are 

·        To unlock or lock the door by remote control

·        Offering multifunction universal keyless entry system for a different kind of car

·        Offering passive Keyless Entry.  It automatically unlocks and locks the car door up to 3-6 feet/ 1-3 meters when you walk away or approach the vehicle.


You should keep the keyless entry keys away from the doors and windows in a shielded protected case to prevent thieves from stealing the signal and replicating the key wirelessly from outside of your own house. 

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