Car Parking Sensor to quote in Bulk from China

GUANGDONG LFF TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. UANGDONG LFF TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has always been passionate about creating Alarm Systems for Cars.

It provides various kinds of Alarm System, including Car Parking Sensor. It has been about 25 years; our company is trying to give easiness to people by creating multiple types of devices and systems for Cars.


Car Parking Sensor is one of the popular products which has almost thousands of happy customers from all over the world.

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Car Parking Sensor

Here below is the complete detail about our Car Parking Sensor,

·        LP213 Wireless LED Car parking sensor

·        LP121 wireless LED parking sensor

·        LPA6 Wireless solar power parking sensor

All products are designed by keeping the standard of quality. There is a difference between some features.

All features of these Parking Sensors are given below.


Features of LP213


1.     Wireless transmission technology, easy to install.

2.     Transmission range from 15M to 25M.

3.     Use new display technology design, black background with a white digit.

4.     The system will diagnose the four sensors and indicate the fault one in the display.

5.     Detecting range from 2.5 m to 0.3m.

6.     Alarming volume can be switched on/off.

7.     All sensors passed Aging Test.

8.    Anti-jamming of electromagnetic wave.


Features of LP121

1. After parking, the LED back of the display will flash(optional).

2. Wireless transmission technology, easy to install.

3. Transmission range from 15m to 25m.

4. 2 for 4 sensors is optional, detecting range from 2.0m to 0.3m.

5. Fault sensors are detecting automatically.

6. Anti-fault alarming.

7. All sensors pass aging testing, anti-jamming of electromagnetic wave.


Features of LPA6

1. Solar wireless LCD parking sensor, easy installation.

2. Detecting range from 2.5M-0.3m, start to the warning from 1.5m.

3. 2/4 sensor optional, sensor colour is optional.


Best Car Park System ever

It is stated already above that all products are created under Quality Standard. Mere, there is a difference based on features.

But, if you want something specific, then you need to consider that sensor which fulfils your necessity.

If you want something which charges on Solar then obviously go for LPA6. It is specially designed for the customers who might be interested in Solar Charging of their Car Park Sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they available in Bulk?

Yes, we only provide these products in Bulk. All you need to do is to get a quote online. And, if you want to online, then your order will be placed instantly and delivered at your doorstep.

Can you add front parking sensors to cars?

All these products are reverse parking system and not available for front parking sensors.

We only provide reverse parking sensors for cars, and currently, there are almost several thousands of happy clients around the world.

Which Car Parking sensor is the best?

It depends upon your necessity and your requirements. All are quality products and designed under a maintained standard.

All three models LP121, LP223 & LPA6, are created under the same standard. You can get an Instant Quote from our highly cooperative time at any time, and they will help you to understand better that which one is best for you.

How much does it cost to add our parking sensor in Car?

It will cost differently as all of the three sensors have different features in them. To get a custom offer an instant quote, you need to contact us right now.

Our team is here available to answer your queries.

How does our Car Parking Sensor work?

First of all, our Car reversing sensor system is installed at the rear cover of the Car with 4 sensor system, and all these sensors can be anti-freeze and rainproof: double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection.

When there is obstacles or danger 0-2.5M, the sensors will BIBI sound to alarm you according to the obstacles distances. This is how all our Car Parking system or Car Parking Sensors work.

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