12V one-way remote start car alarm system

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When we talk to our customers about the car alarm system, a 12V one-way remote start car alarm system always comes up as one of the technologies among different options. Looking closely at the technology, it may somewhat be confusing. Here is a scoop of analysis on the system:

The feature of 12V one-way remote start car alarm

The technology on 12V one-way remote start car alarm has been in existence for some time. One way refers to the way of communication between your remote control and the vehicle.  It means pushing a button on your remote control, and it sends the signal to the remote starter.

The features of a 12V one-way remote start car alarm are as follows. It has

·        Remote engine start/ stop

·        Arm, Disarm, Silent Arm

·        Central door locking automation

·        Trunk release

·        Electrical/ Pneumatic central locking(optional)

·        Microwave sensor(optional)

·        Shock sensor

·        Anti-hijacking

·        Code learning

·        Door lock reminding

·        ACC ON triggered

·        Window rolling up automation

Application of one-way car alarm system

The use of a one-way car alarm system will provide you with

·        40A external killer relay to remote cut off/ start engine.

·        Remote range up to 100m.

·        One-way car alarm with remote starter.

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