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Classic universal remote control keyless Entry, 12V door lock / unlock system

Model No. :LK218
- To lokc / unlock the door by remote contral
- Regmote range up to 100m
- Multi-funciton universal keyless entry system for different kind of car
- OEM / ODM for 25 years
- MOQ: 2000sets
  • Name: Classic universal remote control keyless Entry, 12V door lock / unlock system 

    Passive keyless entry--Automatically unlock or lock the car door when you approach or walk away from the vehicle in 3-6 feet/1-3 meters with key fob.


    SPY car Keyless Entry Product

    Main function:

    1.Remote Control Door Lock/unlock

    2.Direction Light Flash Confirmation

    3.Electronic and pneumatic Lock

    4.Automatic door lock

    5.Remote Trunk Release(+/- optional)

    6.Keyless Entry 

    7.Code Learning

    8.Jumper option for pneumatic or electric central lock

    9. Power window output

    10. Remote truck release

    11. Flash light output

    12. Power window output


    Technology date:

    Working voltage: 9-15V
    Output current:
    Central door lock: 10A, Flash light outpot: 10A
    Trunk+: 10A, power window: -250mA
    Working frequency: 433.92MHz±400KHz
    Static current: <12mA
    Remote controlled distance: 80-120m
    Working temperature: -40℃-+85℃



    Weight: 270g

    Distance: About 60 - 80 meters

    Working Voltage: 12V

    Working Current: 12mA

    Working Frequency: 315MHz 


    Package Included:

    1 x Control box

    2 x Remote Controllers

    1 x LED connection wire

    1 x Wire

    1 x Adhesive tape

    1 x Operation instruction



    SPY car Keyless Entry installation diagram

    SPY car Keyless Entry functions instructions


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One-stop Sourcing. Competitive Price. Short Lead Time. OEM/ODM Service. Contact Us.

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