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Wireless solar power Universal TPMS with 4 External/Internal Sensors

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System,Wireless TPMS solar power Universal with 4 External Sensors Real-time TPMS System Display 4 Tires' Pressure & Temperature with HD LCD Screen
  • Name:  Wireless solar power Universal TPMS with 4 External/Internal Sensors


    Many accidents are caused by the flat tyre on the highway. As a car owner, the safety of driving is the first thing. To reduce such accidents, the installation of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is necessary. With the TPMS, we can keep the tyre working within the specified pressure and temperature range at any time to reduce the damage of the tyre for safe driving.Tire Pressure Monitoring System, also called TPMS, uses pressure monitoring sensors within each tire to monitor specific pressure levels.Combined with the solar energy display, it lets driver get the real-time tire pressure data, temperature data and status, warning messages at once.Solar power display features the green, low carbon and renewable advantages, enabling you to charge the device faster and greener.



    1.Using solar power charging technology

    2.Energy-saving and environment protection.

    3.DIY installation, external valve cap sensor, wireless transmission technology.

    4.No need to connect with power supply.

    5.High-definition colorful LCD display.

    6.Simultaneously show 4 tires pressure and temperature.

    7.Innovative technology, super long standby time.

    8.Automatically enter power-saving mode when parking.

    9.Super long working lifespan, quality assurance.



    Product   Size:


    Display   working voltage


    The default   alarm settings

    High   Pressure

    3.0bar / 43.5psi

    Low Pressure

    2.0bar / 29psi

    High Temperature


    External   sensor working voltage

    CR1632   Battery 3.0V 

    Inner sensor   working voltage

    ER2450T 3.6v

    Sensor   detecting range

    0bar-3.5bar /   0psi-50.7psi

    Solar   display charging temperature

    Stop over 65℃ and continue when below 45℃


    TPMS can be widely used in most types of 4-wheel Sedan car.

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    Wireless solar power Universal TPMS specification

    difference between external sensor and internal sensor

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