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Blind Spot Detection System

Model: BSD001
- 3 in 1 universal BSD system for aftermarket
- 24GHZ microwave sensor,
- Warning with LED and buzzer
- Lane change assistant
- Whole weather working, no effect by frogy, rainy or snowy day
- OEM and ODM accept , MOQ 500sets
  • Name: Blind Spot Detection System

    Bullet Points:

    This blind spot detection system is a vehicle assistance device that helps driver lane changing safely during driving.With the aid of ultrasonic sensor, probe the side/rear of the vehicle for those moving objects into the blind spot of the detection zone.


    Working principle of blind spot detection system-- The system will analyze the reflected signal which sent by two microwave radar sensors behind the car. When there is vehicle in the detection area approaching quickly, the indicator light will flash. If turn on signal lamps, the system will emit "Di-Di-Di" sound and LED indicator flash to avoid the accident occur.


    Strong anti-interference capability and rapid reaction rate.-- Only dectect vehicles that are moving in the detection area, and do not alarm when the no moving vehicles or the vehicles beyond the blind area.


    There is blind zone at the rear of the vehicle which is easy to endanger driving safety!-- When you installed BSM into your lovely car, no matter it's day time, night time or even in the snow, you can be alerted whenever there is a moving object pop into the rear of the vehicle, with the aid of LED lighting on , blinking, buzzer sound so that the driver can be cautious when lane changing to avoid the possibility of side crash accident.


    More effective in rainy days and in eventing. No longer worry about can not see clear outside window.



    Main Funtions:

    1. 3 in 1 universal BSD system for aftermarket

    2. 24GHZ microwave sensor,

    3. Warning with LED and buzzer

    4. Lane change assistant

    5. Whole weather working, no effect by frogy, rainy or snowy day


    SPY Blind Spot Detection System


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