Question and answer for smart DVR

Questions & Answers

Q: Why the DVR displays that the SD card is full?

A: 1) If a new TF card is first used for the DVR, it will be reminded that the TF card should be formatted first.

    2) Check if the sensitivity of G-sensor is set as high. If the sensitivity of G-sensor is too high, the files might be easily locked due to road bumps while driving. The locked files could not be overwritten. If too many files are locked, the memory of the TF card could be full and loop videos could not be recorded. You can set the G-sensor from high to medium or low.

Q: Why the DVR is turned on or off automatically?

A: Please check if the park mode is turned on. If this function is on, the DVR will be turned on automatically and record video when collision or vibration is detected. After recording video for 15s~30s, the DVR will be turned off automatically, which is normal. It is designed for parking safety. You could set the parking mode after you installed in the car.

Q: Why the loop videos could not be recorded?

A: Check video duration and loop video settings. The options include 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes / off. If it is set as off, then loop videos could not be recorded.

Q: Why the time settings could not be saved?

A: 1) After time setting is completed, exit the setting screen and manually turn off the DVR; then the time setting could be saved.

    2) When abnormal power failure occurs, the current settings could not be saved timely.

Q: Why the image is not smooth or the button is slow to react during video recording?

A: Please check if the TF card is a high speed card (Class 10). If it is not a high speed card, such issues as missing seconds in the video, choppy images during video playback, blurred screen and halted system might occur. (In the meanwhile, various high speed TF cards can be found on the market. Please purchase a card under a famous brand.)