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SPY Car Alarm is one of the best manufacturers of car security systems that have 100% manufactory providing vehicle security systems products. It consists of a vehicle parking sensor, central locking system , push button, mirror DVR, TPMS, BSD (vulnerable side recognition systems), power window, keyless entry, and other vehicle electronic items. The processing plant had passed and endorsed IATF 16949: 2016 authentication. Many items are E-MARK, CE, FCC, and CCC certificate.

SPY Car Alarm has greater than 20,000-sqm factory  with a rapid SMT machine, ICT robot, and automatic input line, and other advanced testing machines. They have gained great respect and greetings in worldwide by its more considerate service and experience.


Why Choose SPY Car Alarm?

Below we have mentioned some factors of why you choose us.

Manufacturing Ability

SPY is the most important manufacturer and provider of car security systems, parking sensors, power windows, keyless entry, car TPMS, blind spot detection system (BSD), smart mirror DVR, and many other electronic products of vehicle.

Quality Ability

With ICT robots, high-speed SMT machines, and automatic input lines, and other advanced testing machines, we have factory apparatus on approximately 20 thousand square meters.

Service Ability

Our greater experience and top service help us to won a lot of compliments and respect from customers and in a foreign country.

Certification Ability

We had approved and passed the IATF 16949: 2016 certificate. We had our brand "SPY" and SPY products are FCC, CE, E-MARK, and CCC licensed.

SPY Product introduction

One-way Car Alarm:

One-way remote car starters function like the factory-installed keyless entry system. They work one-way communication among the remote and the vehicle. Push the button on your remote control for the time when you're inside the operating range and your vehicle gets the command and executes the specified request. 

Two-way Car Alarm:

The main benefit of two-way systems is knowing without a doubt that your vehicle has executed the specified request. The remote control can communicate with the vehicle and the vehicle communicates back to the remote control that why it is called a “2-way system”.


The purpose of tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is to screen the air pressure in the air-filled tires of the vehicles. SPY provides Car TPMS that are with precise data, high-accuracy, and real-time monitor and appropriate for every weather.

Parking Sensor:

Parking sensors are proximity sensors for road vehicles used to aware the driver about the obstacles when parking. With wireless  technology, SPY Parking Sensor is equipped max which has 2.5-0.3 meters sensing range,  wireless transmission range up to 25 meters.

BSD (blind spot detection):

A blind-spot detection system is a vehicle helping device that helps driver lane changing safely in driving. Through the help of an ultrasonic sensor, probe the side/rear of the vehicle for those moving objects into the vulnerable side of the identification zone. The features of SPY blind spot detection contains:

• 24GHZ microwave sensor
• 3 in 1 universal BSD system for aftermarket
• Lane change assistant
• warning with LED and buzzer
• Whole weather working.

Smart Mirror DVR:

SPY full-screen dash camera can provide a wider view sleek look and removes the driver’s troubles. It also contains:

·        Steam media

·        Excellent right vision

·        Reversing Aid system

·        Parking monitor

·        Variable sight angle.

Power Window:

Power windows are automobile windows or electronic windows which can up and down the window by pressing a switch rather than utilizing a wrench handle.

SPY power window can change the manual windows into the power window. It’ll work on vehicles that didn't accompany factory power windows. It contain a conversion kit which will appropriately and easily advancement the manual windows on your 2-Door pickup, SUV, van, or car into electrical power windows. The design permits it to be fixed in only about any car or truck. Dual flexible transmission of it permits for universal mounting and long-lasting.

Keyless Entry:

A smart entry system is an electronic lock that aid to controls accesses to a vehicle by not utilizing an old-style mechanical key. You can simply pressing a button on the key to unlock the doors of the car. It has another button that locks the vehicle. Car Alarm of SPY has a multi-functional universal keyless entry system for various types of vehicles. Its top features consist of Electronic and pneumatic Lock, Remote Control Door Lock/unlock, Jumper choice for an electric or pneumatic central lock, Power window output, Automatic door lock, Code Learning, Remote Trunk Release, Direction Light Flash Confirmation, Remote truck release, Flashlight output, and Power window output.

SPY Car Alarm Manufacturer has been concentrating on automotive electronic products and the motorcycle for more than 26 years. Our top-quality car alarm system products and excellent services have won us many certificates and patents. Request your OEM & ODM service quote!

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