For the health of the employees, Guangdong LFF Technology Co., Ltd did a wellness checkup for all Employees in 2018

In order to effectively protect the health of the employees, enhance corporate cohesion, and build a harmonious corporate environment, Guangdong LFF Technology Co., Ltd fully reflects the company's care for employees and people-oriented management philosophy.  


Recently, Guangdong LFF Technology Co., Ltd organized a wellness checkup at “Mei Nian professional health center” for all of their employees in 2018.  The program contains checks for liver, blood sugar level, blood lipids, kidney, colour doppler ultrasound,hematuria,chest X-Ray and electrocardiogram.


The company’s leader has always highly valued employee’s physical and mental health.  They regularly organize employees to conduct wellness checkup and establish employee health record to better track the health of employees and ensure that every employee can have a healthy body and be full of enthusiasm when working.


Through the checkup, we can understand the physical condition of employees. On another hand, the checkup also reminds employees to enhance their self-care awareness and pay attention to the prevention of diseases.  


LFF will take care of employees’ physical health with practical actions.  Through the action of organizing a wellness checkup, LFF fully reflects the company’s “caring culture.”  It helps the employees to truly felt the warmth of the country, further improve the employee's coherence and sense of belongings.  This injected a strong motivational force into the long-term development of the company.